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Our Story

Since 1986




Tristek has been providing Industrial Automation solutions since 1986, from humble beginnings as a sole trader Frank Cook first established "Frank Cook Electrical" which specialised in service work.
In 1990 Frank had gained more employees and skills in the automation industry, which led to a partnership and creation of "Melanda Electrical Pty Ltd".
The focus of the business at this time was providing service work and machine automation & engineering, building special purpose machinery and Turnkey solutions for various customers in Sydney's West.

By 1995, Melanda had expanded to 15 employees which included skills in Electrical Trades, CAD Design & Drafting, PLC Programming, Mechanical Engineering & PC Based Control. Purpose Built Machines started to be sent overseas due to the Quality and Craftsmanship of the Work, for this reason Frank has traveled overseas to countries including Germany for work on automation equipment and Saudi Arabia to provide advice on electrical installations on oil rigs. Melanda also had customers in the Food, Pharmaceutical & Petrochemical Industries

In 1999, Tristek Electrical Pty Ltd was formed out of Melanda and still focused on providing high quality service work as well as specialised machinery, developing both Research and development Prototypes and Machinery for existing customers as well as new customers in the Material handling industry. Working Closely with CHEP on Research and development projects, the design and manufacturing solutions provided by Tristek has helped them become leaders in the industry.

By 2005, Tristek have employed 35 staff with skilled Trades people in Mechanical Engineering and Fabrication field, Electrical Trades & Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering. In 2006 a new factory was acquired to accommodate Machine Assembly & Commissioning and Tristek continued to provide Quality Solutions for its customers.


In 2010 "Tristek Electrical Pty Ltd" Changed its name to "Tristek Pty Limited" to better represent the companies diversity in the industrial automation field providing not only Electrical Services and Electricians but Mechanical Services as well as Engineering Services, CAD Design, industrial software Solutions.


2014, Tristek Continues to grow and expand with services provided to Pharmaceutical, Food, Oil, Chemical & Material Handling Companies around Sydney and Australia, The Building of a new Facility being built at Riverstone to increase capacity and space for fabrication, machine building and assembly

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