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PLC Programming

System Integration, PLC Programming, Control Systems, HMI & SCADA, Documentation and Robotics

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PLC Programming

Tristek has had experience in both Programmable Logic Controllers(PLC) and newer Programmable Automation Controllers(PAC) with experience in a wide range of Industrial Automation Industries and integration with SCADA and HMI system.,
We have experience with a broad range of brands and technologies including Allen Bradley, Siemens, Omron and Others

  • PLC System Design & Planning, Product Selection to suit user requirements and site standards

  • OEM Standalone Machine Programming

  • Plant wide programming with PAC Controllers and Distributed IO Systems

  • Fault Finding and breakdown Maintenance

  • Program in Ladder Logic (LAD), Function Blocks (FB), Structured Text (ST), Sequential Function Charts (SFC), Instruction List (IL)

  • Provide Both Hard & Soft Copy of All Programming Including PLC & SCADA Code

  • Maintenance, modification & Upgrades of old PLC Systems and Provide Ongoing Support

  • Fast Response in Case of Breakdowns or Emergencies

  • Cover PLC Programming is All Industrial & Process Industries

  • Degree Qualified Engineers with electrical licenses & Qualifications, Fault find both control and electrical systems

  • Safety Programming, Documentation & Verification

  • Specialised in Allen Bradley PLC Programming

  • Industrial Automation Sydney Based

  • PLC Programmers - Automation Engineers & PLC Technicians (With Electrical Licenses)

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Some of the PLC technology that we commonly work with

  • Allen Bradley: GuardLogix, ControlLogix, CompactLogix, FlexLogix, DriveLogix, Micrologix, SLC500, PLC5, PLC2

  • Siemens Automation - Simatic S7 S7-400, S7-300 & S7-200, LOGO!, Siemens S5 PLC Programming & Upgrades

  • Omron, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, GE Fanuc, Koyo DirectLogic, Beckhoff, Delta PLC, Panasonic & Others

  • Communications: Ethernet/IP, DeviceNET, ProfiNET, Profibus, Serial.

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