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Systems Integration

System Integration, PLC Programming, Control Systems, HMI & SCADA, Documentation and Robotics

From integrating Single Machines to bringing together many machines and Lines Tristek has experienced automation engineers to complete the job in a timely and cost effective manner.

  • Upgrade Existing Systems to the Latest Technologies

  • Expand Systems and Features

  • Integrate Machines and Systems using Many Different Control Hardware

  • Interpret and Translate Imported machinery

  • Line HMI & SCADA showing all Parts of the Plant Systems

  • Help With Control and Improvements to Process

  • Dedicated System Integrator for your Plant

  • Upgrade Machines to Australian Standards and Safety Standards

  • Tristek is customer focused helping you improve your operational efficiency. Our team provides trade and engineering services to meet your needs

Comprehensive Documentation

Documentation included with the development of machinery can include the following in both printed and electronic forms

  • Machinery Specifications: weights, lifting points, energy Requirements

  • Installation Procedures

  • Operating functions, sequence of events, safety overview

  • Operators procedures, start up, running, control panel explanations, SCADA/HMI screen explanations, lock out tag out procedures, energy isolation

  • Faults & troubleshooting guides

  • Electrical information: P&ID drawings, circuit diagrams, IO listing, wiring schedules, network topologies, PLC program

  • Mechanical information: general assembly drawings, parts drawings, hydraulic & pneumatic circuits

  • Machine maintenance, electrical & mechanical spare parts lists

  • Factory test procedures & risk assessments

  • Suppliers OEM Information


Tristek Provide services for all types of industrial robotics

  • Pick & Place Machines, Pneumatic Robots

  • Servo & Non-Servo Driven machines, Gantry & Cartesian Robots

  • Multi-Axis Robot Arms

  • Palletising Robots

  • Faults & troubleshooting guides

  • Gripper Fabrication & Design, Vacuum holding system

  • Tristek Have experience with KUKA and Kawasaki Robot Systems, and build special purpose built "pick & place" machines

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