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MCC Control Panel Build & Manufacturing

Tristek specialise in providing Custom Built Industrial PLC Control Panels, Cabinets and Industrial Power Distribution Panels
We can design build and work to your specifications.

Tristek stringently follow Australian standards and NSW Service & Installation Rules

  • Design & Panel Layouts

  • Control Panel building for OEM Projects and Suppliers

  • Distribution Board Installations

  • Wired to AS3000 Standards with Quality Controls and FAT Documentation

  • Built to your specifications and requirements

  • Solar, Portable and Off-Grid Control Panel Systems

  • PLC Cabinets, Operator Consoles & Stations, Distributed IO and Termination Panels

  • Motor Control, VSD Panels with Ventilation, DOL Starter Panels

  • Regenerative Power Panels & Power Monitoring

  • Large scale plants to small control cabinets

  • UPS Battery Panels

  • Panel Building Labour Hire

  • Power Factor Correction Systems

  • Distribution Panels and Enclosures

  • Motor Control Rooms and Panels

  • PLC Control System Panels & PLC Cabinets

  • Power Monitoring Control Panels

  • Water Plant Control Panels

  • Machine Control Panels & HMI

  • Plant Control Panels

  • Factory Electrical Distribution and Installations

  • Electrical switchboards for Industrial Plants

  • Industrial Distribution Boards

  • Remote Control Panel (3G & 4G, Radio, Data) Telemetry

  • Fully Documented As Built Electrical Drawings

  • Segregation and Panel Climate Control

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